For Manly McCauley and those for whom we have no record.

Who are we?

The Orange County Community Remembrance Coalition [OCCRC], in coordination with the Equal Justice Initiative [EJI] of Montgomery, Alabama, has embarked on a multi-year project to recognize the victims and survivors of racial terror lynching from 1877 to 1950. To date, EJI has documented 4,075 incidences of racial terror lynching in the US during that period, and of that number, 102 occurred in North Carolina, and at least one [1] in Orange County.

OCCRC will be recognizing Manly McCauley and other victims of racial terror lynching in Orange County. Our work is to disrupt and overcome the detrimental systems and mindsets that have plagued America for generations, and to help usher forth a future of humanity, equity and justice for all of us.